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7 Tips For Cutting On A Blackstone Griddle!

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Can You Cut on a Blackstone Griddle?

The cold-rolled steel of a Blackstone griddle is durable enough to handle a little chopping or cutting.

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Though you might be worried that a knife or even the sharp edge of a stainless steel spatula could damage the seasoning layer or scratch the underlying metal damaging the cooktop.

The safe alternative is to use a separate cutting board to cut meat and vegetables right before serving.   

To truly address these concerns, we are going to have to slice a little deeper into how to safely cut food on a Blackstone griddle.

Can I Use a Knife on My Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, you can technically use a knife on a Blackstone griddle with only a minor risk of scratching the cold-rolled steel cooktop. Though the real risk is needlessly dulling your knife. Ideally, it’s better to cut foods like thin strips of meat and vegetables with the edge of a metal spatula. Most of the time, it is just as effective at chopping food.

What Can I Make on My Blackstone Griddle?

The seasoned cold-rolled steel cooktop of a Blackstone griddle is great for searing steaks and chops as well as sauteing vegetables. It lets you do things like sear large pieces of meat to cook them through evenly before cutting them down into bite-size pieces, as well as sauteing vegetables or making stir fry in batches.

For many outdoor chefs, a Blackstone griddle is the preferred option for making things like steak fajitas, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, classic pork chops, and Japanese hibachi dishes. Not to mention a wide range of breakfast foods like bacon and eggs, to pancakes.

Can You Scratch a Blackstone Griddle?

It is possible to scratch your Blackstone griddle if you don’t have a properly maintained seasoning layer, you don’t use enough oil, or you are overly aggressive when chopping with a knife or a spatula.

This can leave you with a stubborn sticky spot on your seasoned griddle top. Though the good news is that you can usually fix the scratched section of the griddle top by cleaning the area and restoring the seasoning.

Can You Cut Meat on a Griddle?

You can cut tender pieces of meat on a griddle that has a well-developed seasoning layer with the edge of a spatula, or you can carefully cut tougher pieces of meat with a knife.

Having enough hot oil under the meat when you cut it will help keep it from sticking and reduce the risk of scratching the seasoning layer.

If you happen to have a griddle with a protective non-stick layer of Teflon, you should only cut using silicone tools. The Teflon layer is very delicate, and once it is damaged by a metal spatula or knife, the area will forever be sticky.

Blackstone Cutting Board

Blackstone sells an accessory wooden cutting board that is specifically designed to be placed on the hot griddle cooktop. It is 11.5″ L x 2″ H x 12″ W with four small feet that keep it from laying flat, while still giving it enough traction to let you cut with confidence.

This way you can take a tougher piece of meat, like an inside skirt steak for beef fajitas, to slice it thin on the cutting board, before serving it to your guests. All without worrying about leaving a bunch of knife scratches on the griddle’s seasoning layer.

Blackstone also sells a silicone cutting board that is specifically designed to fit the side tables of their 36-inch outdoor griddle.

It lets you cut meat and vegetables at the griddle side to work in batches. The rigid silicone is also more friendly to knives, and easy to wash, which can come in handy for preventing cross-contamination from certain meats like chicken.

Final Thoughts

While you certainly can cut with a knife on your Blackstone griddle, it can potentially scratch the seasoning layer and could very well dull your knife.

Instead, it’s better to chop with the edge of a sturdy spatula or to invest in Blackstone’s wooden cutting board that was designed for direct use on a griddle top.

If you do happen to scratch the seasoning layer on your Blackstone griddle, you should work quickly to scrape the area clean after cooking and restore the seasoning layer. This will help preserve the non-stick surface for future meals you cook.

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