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8 Tips For Buying Traeger Pro 780’s

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Buy Traeger Pro 780

The Traeger Pro 780 is the largest and most sophisticated wood pellet grill in Traeger’s vaunted Pro Series. It is a step up in size from the Pro 575, which caters to larger families and passionate pit masters who need to feed a lot of people.

You can buy the Traeger Pro 780 at select retailers, or you can buy it directly from Traeger for $999.99.

You are most likely to find a sale price by purchasing it through a local retailer.

It comes with Traeger’s updated D2 drive for consistent wood pellet delivery from the auger to the firepot. It’s also WiFIRE-enabled for remote monitoring and maximum performance.

Important accessories to add to the initial purchase includes a model-specific grill cover and a drip pan liner.

A set of quality grill tools and an optional pellet hopper sensor might also come in handy if you have room in your budget. 

The Traeger Pro 780 usually takes an hour or so to assemble and another hour to “Burn It In” to remove any residual oils leftover from the manufacturing process. 

Should You Buy a Traeger Pro 780?

The Traeger Pro 780 is a great cutting-edge wood pellet grill that makes it easy to feed a family of four or more people.

It’s loaded with features and comes at a price that is justified for pitmasters who frequently love to grill and smoke meat. 

Though it might be a little too big, and high-priced for a couple or a small family who only occasionally grills out. If this sounds like your household, then you might want to look at the Traeger Silverton 620 sold at Costco, which is a little smaller and cheaper, with many of the same features. 

What Comes With the Traeger Pro 780?

The Traeger Pro 780 comes with all the grates, racks, and components needed to use the grill right away.

Some retailers throw in a grill cover, or a complimentary bag of wood pellets included in the purchase. 

Amazon sometimes has promotions for the Traeger Pro 780 where for an extra to you can get a bundle that includes a cover and pellets, which is a little bit of a deal.

However, you also have to pay an extra $50 to $100 for shipping. 

Setting Up Traeger Pro 780

The Traeger Pro 780 takes less than an hour to fully assemble using basic household tools. It also needs to be seasoned or burned before your first cook to remove any of the non-toxic residual oils from the manufacturing process.

You can then set up your Traeger Pro 780 using the following steps.

Step 1: Plug the grill in, turn it on, and pour three to five pounds of wood pellets into the hopper. 

Step 2: Wake up the WiFIRE app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 3: Navigate through the app to Select Auger > Prime Auger. Then press the controller knob to begin.

Step 4: Once you see the wood pellets starting to fall into the firepot, select, Done.

Step 5: Turn the selection dial to 350-degrees and press the dial to confirm the target temperature

Step 6: Press the Ignite button and gently close the lid. 

Step 7: When the internal temperature reaches 350-degrees, let the Traeger Pro 780 run for a full 20 minutes.

Step 8: Turn the target temperature to 450-degrees and press the knob to confirm the change.

Step 9: Let the grill heat up to 450-degrees and then let it run for another 30 minutes.

Step 10: Shut the Traeger Pro 7680 down by pressing the knob for 3 seconds.

At this point, your new Traeger Pro 780 will be burned in and ready for its first cook. 

Traeger Pro 780 Accessories

There are a few essential accessories for the Traeger Pro 780, that you should include in the initial purchase. At the top of the list is a model-specific grill cover that retails for between $75 to $90.

Non-essential accessories for the Traeger Pro 780 that can still come in handy include a detachable front shelf, a pellet sensor hopper, and a drip pan liner.

Not to mention some high-quality grill tools.

While you can still use the Pro 780 without these accessories, they will make it easier to use and clean. Especially the drip pan liners, which can be tossed away in seconds for a minimal expense. 

How Much Does a Traeger Pro Cost?

The Traeger Pro 780 typically retails for $999.99 through both brick-and-mortar retailers as well as online.

Though online purchases typically come with an additional $50 to $100 of shipping and handling costs tacked on

Your best chance of finding a sale on a Traeger Pro 780 is by going through a local retailer.

They tend to have sales promotions around Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and end-of-summer clearance sales. 

Does the Traeger Pro 780 have WiFi?

The Traeger Pro 780 comes WiFIRE-enabled which lets you remotely monitor the wood pellet grill’s performance via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The WiFIRE app also gives you premium access to hundreds of Traeger recipes and helpful tips.

It also includes handy reminders to help you properly maintain your new Traeger grill for a robust long-term return on your investment.

Final Thoughts 

The Traeger Pro 780 is one of Traeger’s most popular models.

It is great for a family of four who loves to grill and smoke meat multiple times a week. 

It typically retails for $999.99, but you are more likely to find a sale price by purchasing it through a local retailer.

If you do buy your Traeger Pro 780 online, you need to be prepared to pay an extra $50 to $75 in shipping and handling fees.  

Key accessories to consider adding to the initial purchase include your Traeger Pro 780 would be a model-specific grill cover and a drip pan liner.

You might want to also consider a set of quality grill tools and an optional pellet hopper sensor. 

Assembling a Traeger Pro 780 typically takes an hour or so. Then it takes another hour to burn it in or season it to remove any residual oils leftover from the manufacturing process.