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Brisket at Kroger | 7 Things To Know!

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Brisket at Kroger

Among all the stores that sell meat, Kroger is one of the contenders for brisket. Alongside some of the other big names and chain grocery stores, Kroger sells brisket on a regular basis and will be the first to advise it is not a typical grilling meat.

From Kroger’s perspective this is the number one mistake that ends up leading to folks being upset with their met and expectations that were matched with the results.

Instead, Kroger, strongly recommends smoking brisket, allowing the slowing cooking process to melt the fat in the meat and release the flavors while the outside of the meat hardens to a nice crust, protecting the inside as it prepares with the heat. 

How Much is a Brisket at Kroger?

The brisket itself from Krogers is standard. It’s the same cut as one would get from any other grocery store, butcher or similar with the flat and the point packaged properly as one piece for sale and delivery.

For reference, the flat of the brisket tends to be the long, flat plank-like part of the meat, whereas the point is the thicker part of the muscle cut that tends to have a deeper bit.

In between the two is a layer of fat that is essential for flavor and juices as the meat cooks. There will also be what’s known as a “fat cap” on the bottom side of the brisket cut. This should be removed with proper trimming as well as any other pieces of hard fat that are visible and easy to access. 

Best Brisket Rub at Kroger

Like most grocery stores, Kroger carries a number of meat rubs and flavorings as well as marinades.

For brisket, SmokingGhost, Fiesta, Chappell Hill and Adams Texas Brisket Rub all produce mouth-watering flavors that will get anyone’s attention smelling the smoker going.

There’s a rub for everyone and because tastes are so different, the best approach is to experiment and see which rub works best for one’s personal tastes. 

Trimming a Brisket

Kroger can always advise on the trim approach, and the meat department staff can help with some custom trimming, but there’s likely a fee involved for the extra service and repacking.

It’s a smart idea to tell them how you expect to cook the meat, i.e. smoke it, so they know to leave the necessary fat that will melt and provide the critical juices during the cooking. 

Can You Buy Brisket at Kroger in Full Size?

Going into the store, you want to look for a package size known as a “whole” brisket. It also goes by the reference of a “packer” as well. Typically, the large brisket packages are cut down to smaller, single meal sizes for three or four people.

These sell quicker and produce more revenue for the store per piece. However, the full packers are held in the back and made available upon request by a shopper.

They are sizable. A typical brisket packer is going to run at least ten to fourteen pounds in weight. With some trimming, however, about three to four pounds will come off. Fat is heavy. 

Ideally, a shopper wants to choose a prime-grade brisket. Avoid discounts for lower grades.

What you gain in cost savings ends up being lost in lower quality meat, which you’re going to taste and be disappointed with. Depending on the size of the group to be served as well, plan on at least a half pound of pre-cooked meat per person.

If there are leftovers, no problem. You’ll love having them for snacks and sandwiches for days afterwards. 

Is Brisket on Sale at Kroger?

Kroger’s brisket packers can be on sale by as much as $3.50/lb. In July 2021, for example, they were seen in Indiana selling at $3.49/lb. Georgia during the same time period had them selling for as low $2.99/lb. 

What’s a Good Price for Kroger Brisket?

Generally, when not on sale, meat costs have been running as much as $7/lb due to a rise in inflation in 2021. So, anything that is below $4/lb in price saves some good cash and value as well as scoring a sizable meat cut to feed a family for a number of days.