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Blackstone Griddle Top Not Level? Try These Tips

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Most folks cooking outside are used to working on a flame-broil style grille.

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This is a typical BBQ metal rod approach where the drippings fall into the heat or fire below and burn up. If this kind of cooking surface is not perfectly level, it doesn’t matter that much as the food cooks fairly evenly.

However, using a Blackstone griddle top, one is actually cooking a on flat hot surface.

That means any poured foods like mixes or sauces are going to be affected by gravity if the griddle is not level, a common problem that might be due to positioning or warping over time.

No surprise, folks might be interested in wanting to know how to fix the problem so they can focus on cooking versus chasing streams flowing off the uneven griddle.

Blackstone Griddle Top Not Level

The most common problems causing an uneven griddle top will include damage, an uneven base surface, or an improper installation of the griddle assembly.

The best way to confirm if the griddle is indeed out of balance is to use a leveling tool, the same one folks use for construction. Just lay the level tool on a clean part of the griddle surface.

The bubble inside the green viewer should be in the middle or close to it. If not, and leaning to one side, the griddle surface is confirmed unlevel.

If you don’t have a level tool, then simply take a cup of water and pour a bit on the griddle surface. If level, it should stay put. If out of balance, the water will start making a path for the edge of the griddle. 

Why is my Blackstone Griddle Top Not Level?

Again, the three big reasons tend to be heat warping, damage or incorrect assembly.

The latter one usually isn’t very common if folks bought their griddle pre-assembled already. The fourth issue is the surface underneath. Usually, this last one can be fixed.

Just simply relocate the griddle to a place where the floor or surface is far more level than where it was at. Again, just using the water or level tool test, you will know pretty quick if the new location works or is also a problem. 

How to Level a Blackstone Griddle

Of course, if the griddle can’t be moved and the issue is simply the surface it is on, then propping up one of the sides slightly could fix the problem very quickly. If there’s enough room to reposition the griddle, that may help as well.

The easiest materials to work with for propping would be cardboard or wood. Both provide a stable surface if wide enough for the wheels that sit on them.

Just place an additional layer underneath until things balance out, checking with the level tool each time.

As long as the griddle is stable, you should be in a pretty good position to cook without a problem. Remember, you don’t want the griddle to be wobbly.

The last thing anyone should end up doing is trying to grab the griddle while working on it. You’ll end up burning your hand or arm not realizing the surface is extremely hot. 

What Does an Unloved Blackstone Griddle Top Affect?

So, unfortunately, some griddles don’t get very good care. They get banged up, stored wrong, heavier equipment is stored on top of them, or they heated too far and the surface warped.

Any of these situations and their related problems creating cooking issues trying to use the griddle again.

The most common situation will be trying to use cooking oil on the surface, a common prep for griddle cooking. If the surface is uneven, the oil is not going to stay on the flat part. It will start making a way off the griddle.

The same will happen as the food cooks and lets go of grease and moisture.

While in some cases this is mild and can simply be pushed back with a bit of work, severe cases make it practically impossible to cook anything safely.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, any home remedies affecting the assembly of the Blackstone griddle will void it’s warranty if one is in place.

However, if it’s already an old one, and a fix seems doable, try it.

The primary focus is safety when operating the griddle. If you can resolve the level imbalance and still use the equipment properly, that’s a big advantage and cost avoidance. Otherwise, it may be time to go shopping for a replacement. 

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