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4 Things To Know About A Blackstone Griddle’s PSI

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Blackstone Griddle PSI

Blackstone griddles use a low-pressure propane system that is carefully distributed by a regulator.

This holds the pounds per square inch pressure to .5 PSI.

Without this regulator, the high pressure of 100 to 200 PSI inside a typical liquid propane tank would damage the Blackstone griddle, while also posing a serious fire risk.

What PSI Regulator for a Blackstone Griddle

The regulator on countertop Blackstone griddles and larger cart-based models all use a .5 PSI regulator.

In a smaller griddle that runs on a one-pound propane canister, the regulator is built into the connection to the firebox.

In a larger Blackstone griddle that runs off a 20 or 30-pound liquid propane tank, the regulator is attached to the hose near the coupler fitting that connects it to the tank’s main valve.

What PSI Should a Gas Grill Regulator Be

The PSI of a gas grill regulator is usually determined by the grill or griddle manufacturer.

Though almost all run on a low-pressure propane system that is 10 PSI or less.

This gives the burner elements a more controllable range compared to if they were run directly off the high-pressure gas inside a liquid propane tank.

Final Thoughts

All Blackstone griddles run off a .5 PSI low-pressure propane system.

A regulator is included in the purchase and will either connect near the firebox of the griddle or at the end of the hose connecting the griddle to the liquid propane tank.

Most gas grills and griddles come with a regulator that is set up to run the correct pressure to the propane burner elements and are rated to 10 PSI or less.

If your Blackstone griddle’s regulator needs to be replaced, you can find branded .5 PSI regulators for sale on their website or at an affiliated retailer.